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Doomsday For The Deceiver: Mike Vockenson

Doomsday For The Deceiver: Mike Vockenson

Mike Vockenson ain’t no stranger to putting in work for his trusted supporters. And none more so than Australian born and bred Tempered Bikes, who’s presence in this scene is a subject very close to Mr V’s heart. Filmed throughout the last year and a bit, this is part 2 of 3 for TMPRDs ‘Doomsday For The Deceiver’ project shot using.... Read more!
Mike Vockenson for LuxBMX

Mike Vockenson for LuxBMX

After blowing minds around the world in That’s What’s Up for his balls to the wall riding off, on and over everything in his path, Vocko has left a legacy of step the fuck up to everyone who dares tread the street path on these shores and beyond. So while we’ll always know him as that dude who gapped onto.... Read more!

KIL Tour Australian style!

Been waiting for this treat for way to long! A few months back, The Shadow Conspiracy hit our side of the world with their KIL tour. US Shadow pro Lahsaan Kobza headed across the Pacific to roll with Mike Vockenson, Jono Hopping, Haimona Ngata, and newcomer Blake Ind. Lotsa spots that included shop signings and local park sessions with Ride.... Read more!
The making of the end of Thats Whats Up

The making of the end of Thats Whats Up

Our latest DVD That’s What’s Up has been getting some amazing feedback. And for good reason, the level of riding from all involved is really putting Australia on the world stage outside of the transition and event riders the world already knows so well. Of course, the end section of a DVD is always occupied by the rider who put.... Read more!

That’s What’s Up reviews!

We’ve been quietly stoked on the response Thats Whats Up has been getting. While we knew just how f’n good the DVD that Troy has spent the last two years pulling together, you never know how the real world will react. Aside the hype and mayhem of the premiere, the last few days has seen a few reviews drop online,.... Read more!

Focal Point interview Troy Charlesworth

Cooper at Focal Point sat down with Troy Charlesworth to get into the nitty gritty of Thats Whats Up our new DVD that goes on sale Monday. Some great insights into Troy’s vision, plus some cool stories from what it takes to make a full length DVD. And there’s even a few clips from the film itself. Definitely standing by.... Read more!

Crispy Stream Oscar Nomination

“The latest in the Crispy Mixtape series. As per usual, I have surprised myself with how much stuff I have filmed, I never intend for these things to go for so long. I have however spent a lot of time over the holidays filming the shit I wouldn’t usually film, makes editing so much easier. I actually put some effort.... Read more!

Making the DVD: Thats Whats up

Thats whats up is the second collaboration from Troy Charlseworth and us here at 2020. After the great success of Everyday is a Saturday Troy has gone out to not only over shadow the last production but capture the Australian talent and show the rest of the world, thats whats up. Troy and crew have been traveling all over our.... Read more!

Web Bits: The best of the web with Mike Vockenson

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of web clips dropping these days? Don’t sweat it, Mike Vockenson of Crispy fame has been making life easy for us all and curating the best 10 edits from the last months. We’ve been running this in the pages of 2020bmxmag, but figured being as that the web is where you can watch em with.... Read more!