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Rahdi Frances-Cater for Volume Bikes

Rahdi Frances-Cater for Volume Bikes

Never before has there been such a rad intro to an edit, break dancing on grass is the vibe that kicks off one of the more under rated Australian shredders, namely Rahdi Frances-Cater. True to the whole edit, Rahdi throws down some mean styles across parks and street spots all over NSW and Queensland intermingled with the good times that.... Read more!

Danny Campbell Edit

Danny Campbell has this loose style on a bike, yet still remains to have it all under control. When you witness him ride in the flesh you find yourself cringing then straight away super relieved. I would say he puts a lot into BMX with doing shows, ads & other media projects. His always been real nice when i’ve spoken.... Read more!

Alex Platt Welcome to Volume Bikes

Damn. the 1st of May just got real. Alex Platt throws down big time for his welcome to Volume Bikes edit. If you ever wanted to prove your worth on a new team, this is the correct procedure. Technical and straight up large cojones… Boom!